About Us

Enigma Solutions provides elegant and smart solutions to clients’ demands. We have a passion that works for Your company. Solving puzzles and creating is what we love about IT. It’s what we seek and find there. We crave to have fun in our work. We succeed with it. And so do the projects that we work on for our clients.



Enigma Solutions
evolved, in a way, from an MA thesis of it’s owner – Radosław Wesołowski. The thesis concerned the famous Enigma ciphering machine and brilliant work of three mathematicians from Poznań who managed to crack what seemed unbreakable for many. Their work is now considered a corner stone of computers era. The thesis itself grew to the website enigma.edu.pl. And also gave birth to an idea of a company that strives to answer clients’ needs and solve issues, problems, puzzles – enigmas. Hence Enigma Solutions.